Forever and the world – environmental work and charity

Forever and the environment

It’s actually pretty simple: our whole business relies on Aloe vera, which we harvest from nature. So, we look after nature. Our Aloe vera is grown carefully with crop rotation so as not to deplete the soil. The crop cycle includes letting the fields lay fallow for one growing season, with interim crops which are then ploughed into the soil before new Aloe vera is planted. Since the beginning, we have been evaluating these methods and have deve- loped a plan for continuous improvement. In 2006 Forever was certified to ISO 14001 by the International Standards Organization, which assesses the environmental impact of companies – a standard we have met ever since.


When it comes to greenhouse gases, Forever’s net carbon footprint has a positive effect on the environment. Twenty fully grown Aloe vera plants convert CO2 into oxygen as efficiently as one tree. With more than 40 million Aloe vera plants, our aloe fields bind up to two million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

Since we began mapping our progress, we have reduced our waste volume by 50% and increased recycling from 26% to 61%. We are proud of this trend, and continue to challenge ourselves to do even more.

For instance, Forever’s plastic bags are biodegradable. The manufacturer’s smart production process makes the bags eco-friendly, as they break down into water if they’re discarded in nature. The granules disappear completely after just 12 months if they are outdoors with access to both sunlight and water.

As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations, in 2018 we changed to a more eco-friendly Tetra Pak for our flagship products – the Aloe vera drinks. A biodegradable alternative to plastic and a step in the right direction towards a more sustainable world.


Forever Living and charitable causes

Forever has worked with a great many charity organizations and initiatives, such as Project Playground and Packing For Phineas. Since 2015 we have actively supported Rise Against Hunger by helping to pack meals for those in need at different events. The goal is to eliminate all famine in the world.

We are also behind Forever Giving – a global charity organisation focusing on making a difference for vulnerable children. The charity provides aids and education to work against poverty, hunger and a lack of available healthcare. There are emergency efforts in disaster areas, as well as longer-term initiatives. Forever Giving raises funds via its own fundraising projects, which are based on distributor involvement.